Hyker Security AB appoints new CEO

Hyker Security welcomes Mats Karlsson as the new CEO of the company. Mats brings extensive experience in building companies within telecom, information security, and secure cloud storage, which will be a strong contribution to Hyker’s ambition to grow in secure digital information management. Hyker currently offers unique services in Zero-Knowledge Encryption, Zero-Trust Access, and Confidential Processing. Former CEO Ulf Gerold has been instrumental in bringing Hyker to its current position, for which the board and main owners Saab Ventures and Lindeblad Ventures are grateful for. The board and Ulf have agreed that Ulf will step down as CEO as of February 7th, 2024, and Mats Karlsson will take over from the same date. Ulf will remain with the company and continue to work on business development.

“We live in a world that makes it increasingly difficult for companies and organizations to manage, protect, and secure critical information,” says Mats Karlsson, the new CEO of Hyker Security AB. “I am convinced that Hyker, with its services and deep expertise in secure digital information management, will play a crucial role for many companies, businesses, and service providers in protecting critical information. I look forward to starting to work with the team,” concludes Mats Karlsson.

“I and the Board want to thank Ulf for the work he has done for Hyker during his time as CEO,” says Jonas Lundeberg, Chairman of the Board of Hyker Security AB. “Now we look forward to the next phase in Hyker’s growth journey with the knowledge and expertise that Mats brings from his previous experiences in secure information management and substantial experience in running and developing SAAS companies.”

For more information, contact:

Mats Karlsson, CEO, Hyker Security AB, +46 (0) 703 201401, mats.karlsson@hyker.io
Jonas Lundeberg, Chairman of the board, Hyker Security AB, +46 (0) 734 187038, jonas.lundeberg@saabgroup.com

Hyker Security AB
Hyker is a spin-out from SAAB. We make services and solutions where cryptography is a game changer. Our customers are ranging from the defense industry and public sector to the business market within accounting, law firms, recruiting, high-tech businesses and large international corporations. With our Swedish DNA we strongly believe in trust and securing private data in public clouds.