Data lives everywhere – Networks and computing have moved beyond the data center and remote office to include clouds, communication platforms, mobiles, IoT, wearables, smart vehicles, etc.

HYKER End-to-End Security as a Service protects the full data lifecycle from a data producer to data consumers, in an unbroken chain, anywhere, over time, in transfer and at rest.



Hyker Security AB is a spin-out company from SAAB based upon proven technology developed by SAAB and Combitech AB (press release).

HYKER strongly believes in encryption for the masses.

Our purpose is to simplify the implementation and using of cryptography in communicating applications, blockchains, Internet of Things, Cloud Security, etc.

Applications, systems, and products should be secure by design and not having security added as an afterthought at the end of projects or after release. The reason for this often boils down to pressed budgets and time schedules and lack of qualified resources. HYKER removes these problems by offering a ready-made service with minimum implementation effort.


Why use HYKER?

Traditional cyber security (based on tunnels, firewalls, and antivirus) fails to protect the data of the new internet of cloud and things.

We see these indications very often in the news of hacker attacks and information leaks. We need new data security models that are based on cryptography and end-to-end encryption (E2EE) rather than rules, and decentralized trust.

End-to-end encryption (E2EE) is a solved problem. The best implementations are available as open source and free. However, E2EE is only part of the problem. Trust between endpoints must be established for E2EE to be valid. Trust is established through an ID & key management system.

Conventional and available ID & key management system fails to meet the requirements of the modern internet of cloud and things. They are very good at solving specific issues for specific types of applications:

  • PKI – central authority
  • Web Of Trust – designed for personal privacy
  • Signal – perfect forward secrecy

HYKER provides encryption with an ID & key management system that protects and serves the complete lifecycle of data, through space and time.

The unique feature that allows these characteristics is HYKER delegated data access control that allows data consumers to be defined at any point in time, and trust to be decentralized at any organization level and distributed to any number of entities, while still using End-to-End encryption to protect the full data lifecycle in an unbroken chain.


And, it’s very quick and easy to implement.