Cloud enablement with full data control

Today’s cybersecurity spending is very much channeled towards plugging security holes and putting out fires. You try to build higher and higher walls to protect the network, but a hacker only needs to find one hole to beat you at this game.

By protecting the data itself you don’t have to trust the internet and its cloud providers. You can tap into the economies of scale and reduce your operational, cybersecurity, and IT costs, without taking any associated risks.

You can also securely embrace new opportunities like clouds and Internet of Things that enable your organization to innovate and grow your business, wherever they are.


Data lives everywhere

Networks and computing have moved beyond the data center and remote office to clouds, communication platforms, mobiles, Internet of Things, smart vehicles, and more.

Take back control over your data.
Outsource your network, not your security.

Protect your data

HYKER End-to-End Security as a Service protects the full data lifecycle from a data producer to data consumers, in an unbroken chain, anywhere, over time, in transfer and at rest.


Trust based security

With HYKER you can select what you want to trust, not what you need to trust. This way your system design and security model are not dependent on each other, you don’t need to trust a part of your system just because data flows through or are stored in it.

End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) protects your data and enforce ownership

Preserve cloud functionality through unique real-time key management


Works with your data transport, databases, servers, cloud provider, publish-subscribe, request-response or Real-time Databases, MQTT, AMQP, XMPP, HTTP, ...

Protect the data

Live data is protected over the full data lifecycle from producer to receiver. End-to-end in an unbroken chain, over time, in transfer and at rest. Data can only be accessed by authorized users and devices. No need to trust clouds and 3rd parties.

Manage dynamic trust

Built for granular access control. Endpoints may come and go, groups may grow and shrink. New members granted access to live and stored data. Full recoverability through delegation mechanisms.

Live data that you can trust


Enterprises are generating and accumulating more and more data for operations and business intelligence. They share more data with partners, suppliers, customers, and cloud providers.

Data flows constantly from sensors, computers and users, to be processed in near real-time. This creates more opportunities for increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks and security breaches.

Live data has a greater power than stored data. Live data controls operations and devices remotely, where a malicious command can be devastating.

Communication goes over asynchronous connections using messaging protocols like MQTT, AMQP or XMPP without any built-in security. Again, network security will only provide limited protection compared to true E2EE, but this was impossible before HYKER E2EE was developed.


Constant patching and updating are necessary preventive tasks, and must be robust, secure, and possible to perform remotely over-the-air.

A software or firmware update is a prime target for hackers. With a manipulated update they can take full control of the device, car, truck or computer that is being updated.

Data compliance and regulatory requirements

Not managing your data properly means great business risk for your organization.

Internal and external policies and regulations are becoming increasingly important, because of the escalating number of breaches. GDPR, HIPAA, HITECH, etc all mandates that you take stronger control over your data. With granular encryption implemented organizational-wide, users can only access the specific data which they are allowed to access, internally or wherever they are.


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