Data lives everywhere

Networks and computing have moved beyond the data center and remote office to include clouds, communication platforms, mobiles, IoT, wearables, smart vehicles, etc.

HYKER End-to-End Security as a Service protects the full data lifecycle from a data producer to data consumers, in an unbroken chain, anywhere, over time, in transfer and at rest.

Preserve your applications functionality and user experience

Just add encryption


Works with your data transport, databases, servers, cloud provider, publish-subscribe, request-response or Real-time Databases, MQTT, AMQP, XMPP, HTTP, ...

Protect the data

Live data is protected over the full data lifecycle from producer to receiver. End-to-end, over time, in transfer and at rest. Data can only be accessed by authorized users and devices. No need to trust clouds and 3rd parties.


Built for granular access control. Endpoints may come and go, groups may grow and shrink. New members granted access to live and stored data.

HYKER Services


Retroactive Interactive Key Sharing

For all systems communicating in a dynamic way, for example through an MQTT broker or a Real-time Database, RIKS is the way to go. RIKS delivers messages through arbitrary channels where the publisher does not have to be aware of the subscribers at send time.


Payload Encryption Protocol

For simpler scenarios, PEP is the most straightforward of these libraries, solving basic needs for payload encryption.


Secure Asynchronous File Transfer

SAFT is suitable for robust delivery of large files, for instance media files or firmware updates, between nodes over a constrained network in an asychronous way.

Implement end-to-end security quickly and efficiently

HYKER adds simplicity to the complicated world of cryptography. This includes several things, such as correct cryptography usage, ease of development for programmers and hosting of services. Everything implemented with a high focus on simplicity for the customer-developer. In short, HYKER provides:

  • High-level abstractions on cryptographic libraries for common use cases
  • Hosting of key distribution services
  • Continuous integration of current standards
  • Simple implementation of Hyker local binaries in a few lines of code

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