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  • Zero-Knowledge Encryption
  • Zero-Trust Access
  • Confidential Processing
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True Information Responsibility

Start protecting information with the best tool available: cryptography
Zero-Knowledge Encryption

Enable encryption for information at rest, in motion and in use, in and unbroken chain.

Keep keys separated to protect information in case of system breach.


  • Seamless Full-scale Encryption
  • Confidential Computing
  • Tamper Proof Integrity
Zero-Trust Access

Decentralized Key Management is the key to Zero-Trust in information systems.

Recent technological advancements combines best in class cryptographic properties with performant operation.

Key Management:

  • Encryption Segmentation
  • Highly Scalable & Low Latency
  • Forward Secrecy & Compromise Post Security
Confidential processing

Maintain feature compatibility with an all seeing information system.

Leverage confidential computing to solve challenges without compromising security.

Confidential Computing:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Regulatory Content Inspection
  • Recoverable & Reversible

Online Information is Valuable and Vulnerable

HYKER removes significant threat actors and attack vectors from the equation:
Outside Threats

Assuming breach, you need a bulletproof last line of defence.


Insiders are involved in a significant amount of data breaches.

Third Parties

Your supply chain vastly increases your attack surface.

Non-intrusive solutions

We break the principle of more security means less flexibility

Highly Feature Compatible

Leverage confidential computing to perform operations, processing and analysis without exposing decrypted information.

No specialist skills required, no new toolchains

All things crypto are zero configuration to eliminate false security. Keep using your favourite tools such as kubernetes.

Software Only

No special hardware required, nor any other special dependencies.

State of the art crypto

Benefit from capabilities such as forward secrecy and post compromise security.

Zero Trust Access

Eliminate central point of failure with a decentralized key management.

Low overhead

Enjoy high scalability and low latency.

Identity and Access Management

Use your already established identity system. HYKER solutions will always use you as the single source of truth.

Recoverable and Reversible

We support reversibility and disaster recoverability activated by cryptographic contracts that you construct to fit your organization’s structure.

Regulatory Content Inspection

Leverage confidential computing to perform autonomous content inspection without exposing decrypted information.