Cloud Enablement

When cloud enablement is discussed there is always the question of trust. Can you trust the cloud provider? How do you manage security? Is the cloud as safe as our own data center? How about mobile access? Cloud firewalls? Network security? Access management?

Hyker allows enterprises to securely use public cloud services by the use of advanced Full Lifecycle Encryption.

The keys to your data stay in your devices, never leaving your control. The data can’t be accessed without authorization under any condition since there is no central access to the keys. No-one can access the data in transport, storage or in use, no hackers, no insiders at the provider, no cyber attacks by hostile states and governments, not even under Cloud Act or similar legislation.

To achieve this Hyker moves security and management from the network to the applications and its data. The Hyker enhanced application locks down the data itself over the full life cycle from production to consumption, without ever sending or storing the data in clear text. Data is only accessible in clear text in the endpoint holding the right key.

Hyker vs conventional network and cloud security

Some practical examples of what you can achieve:

You can, for instance, develop a tailored encrypted data storage solution based on Google Firebase, Dropbox or Google Drive. Build an app or web interface where the users can upload their files, encrypt it with Hyker, share the encryption keys over Hyker Service to the recipients, and thus never expose the data to Dropbox, that must comply with the US Cloud Act. This means an application similar to Hyker’s Konfident, but where the encrypted files are stored on Dropbox and not on the servers of the cloud service that hosts Konfident.

You can develop an IoT solution where sensors publish data to a cloud server without knowing who the receivers of that data are. Everything end-to-end encrypted without ever exposing the data to the server, even if you use a protocol like MQTT or a real-time database like Firebase without any security. This also gives you the possibility to let subscribers come and go over time without ever having to re-encrypt or expose the stored data.

The security of on-premise combined with all the benefits of the public cloud

By using Hyker as a pre and post processor in your applications you can easily integrate Full Lifecycle Encryption and thus remove many 3rd parties, public clouds and network providers out of the risk equation, while still benefiting from the economics, accessibility, and scalability of the cloud.