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Information protection

Why it matters

  • Using the cloud often implies trading security for convenience.
  • Some type of data is not allowed to be on the cloud.
  • The problems is that one becomes forced to trust many actors with your data.
  • HYKER provides a security layer making data content invisible from the cloud.
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Cloud Encryption

How it works

Cloud Encryption makes it possible to use the cloud to store and manage data but keeps the data content invisible from the cloud. This is made possible by a technology called public key encryption. Data is locked down before its is uploaded to the cloud. It is literally impossible to unlock the data without the corresponding decryption key.

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Cloud Act

What is Cloud Act?

US authorities can now access your customer data, without you and your company having to know about it, and in breach of the requirements of the GDPR when transferring personal data outside the EU.

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GDPR & Konfident Checklist

Your guide to ensuring that your organization is prepared for the most significant change to data protection regulation in a generation.

GDPR & Konfident Checklist