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Redovisning & Revision

För dagens framgångsrika redovisnings- och revisionsbyråer krävs ett ökat samarbete som måste vara enkelt att använda utan att ge upp säkerheten vid samarbete med kunder.


When sharing and managing documents, coordinating projects, or working with external partners, organisations use Konfident to reduce risk and improve security.


Easy and Secure sharing solution of files and documents for the modern digital law firm.


Säker och GDPR säkrad kommunikation mellan alla inblandade intressenter i den digitala rekryteringsprocessen.


For today’s consultancy organizations, success requires greater collaboration, agility and client engagement.

Bank & Finans

Secure document sharing for commercial Banking & Financial services.


Aspia use our secure collaboration tool Konfident to protect their clients’ confidential documents. 

As Sweden’s biggest business support company, Aspia understand the value of protecting sensitive client information. That’s one of the reasons why they use Konfident, our secure collaboration tool. 

Arkiv AB

Gothenburg firm Arkiv AB use Konfident to communicate with clients and comply with GDPR. 

GDPR is a significant issue for any organization with customers in the EU. Gothenburg accountancy firm Arkiv AB use our end-to-end encryption tools to avoid its pitfalls and stay connected to customers.  

Pamica AB

Swedish entrepreneurial investors Pamica AB share confidential information with investors via Konfident.

Pamica is a private investment group that faced a communications challenge when their investor group expanded: how to send out confidential information in an efficient, safe way. They found the solution in Konfident.

Varbergs Revisionsbyrå AB

Varbergs Revisionsbyrå use Konfident as it’s the simplest way to securely share confidential information.

Varbergs Revisionsbyrå is an audit and bookkeeping company with a varied range of customers. That’s why it is important to find a document sharing platform that is easy-to-use as well as secure.

White Label

Are you looking for a way to offer a secure white label file sharing and
collaboration solution to your customers without having to invest in your own infrastructure?

How do you want it?
It is up to you.

  • Offer your own secure document
  • Sharing portal in the with your brand
Stand-alone or integrated

Konfident secure collaboration application can be offered as a stand-alone solution or integrated
with your cloud application in various formats by utilizing our secure APIs.

Look and feel

Tailor the user interface to your needs and provide it with our own labels and language settings.

Hosting alternatives

Standard hosting options are: