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Work without compromise Konfident
  • Secure

  • Easy

  • Efficient

Top Class Data Protection

Unique technology ensures your data is never visible from the cloud


Share, store and create
documents without effort


Engage with coworkers
and clients


Collaborate on a need
to know basis

Roles & Permissions

Control who can do what


Detailed activity log and persistent
access control log


Convenient digital workflow
features built in

Core features
Secure File transfer

Collaborate with anyone – from internal team to customers and partners. No limit of file sizes, no password to remember, no software to download – no hazzle!

Secure File Archieve

Access your data wherever you are, independent of VPN´s and other access solutions. Any device, any location – you still have secure access to your data.

Secure Conversations

Why share information in one channel and communicate in another? In Konfident you can skip email conversations and communicate with your team, a group of people or individuals in secure way with push notifications.

Secure & Immutable activity log

Evidence of what events that have occurred which can not be altered or compromised builds trust and is the heart of a secure and trustworthy solution.


How much does Konfident cost?

We have different plans depending on your needs. On some of our plans we even provide you with free licenses to share with your clients. See pricing section. 

Is Konfident secure?

The simple answer is yes. All data is protected by end-to-end encryption which means that we as a cloud provider can not even read you data. 

Will Konfident help me to be GDPR compliant?

Konfident will help you to answer the following questions 

  • Have you moved your data to one place? Are the sensitive documents and data stored in a safe place? 
  • How is your organization securing its data at rest and in transit? Have you applied data encryption and anonymization techniques where appropriate? 
  • Can you track who has accessed specific documents containing private information? 
  • Is all your internal communication containing employee data secure? Do you transfer documents securely to outsourced functions, like HR, salary or accounting? Do you communicate documents, e.g. pay slips, in a secure way to your employees? 

Konfident covers this, when your information is in files and documents. Other information must be managed in the appropriate system, e.g. customer information might be managed in a CRM system. 

Is Konfident protected from Cloud Act?

The file storage physical location for the Konfident service can vary depending on the edition that is being used. For most versions AWS with servers in Sweden is utilized. Since all data is end-to-end encrypted Hyker Security and our subcontractors will never have access to your data in clear text. 

Is there a mobile device app?

Konfident will run on any device with a modern web browser installed. We want to keep it simple for the end user and does not require any downloads on the desktop nor on the mobile device. 

I want to test out Konfident. How can I do that?

Get in touch with us we will set up a test workspace for you. 


Aspia use our secure collaboration tool Konfident to protect their clients’ confidential documents. 

As Sweden’s biggest business support company, Aspia understand the value of protecting sensitive client information. That’s one of the reasons why they use Konfident, our secure collaboration tool. 

Arkiv AB

Gothenburg firm Arkiv AB use Konfident to communicate with clients and comply with GDPR. 

GDPR is a significant issue for any organization with customers in the EU. Gothenburg accountancy firm Arkiv AB use our end-to-end encryption tools to avoid its pitfalls and stay connected to customers.  

Pamica AB

Swedish entrepreneurial investors Pamica AB share confidential information with investors via Konfident.

Pamica is a private investment group that faced a communications challenge when their investor group expanded: how to send out confidential information in an efficient, safe way. They found the solution in Konfident.

Varbergs Revisionsbyrå AB

Varbergs Revisionsbyrå use Konfident as it’s the simplest way to securely share confidential information.

Varbergs Revisionsbyrå is an audit and bookkeeping company with a varied range of customers. That’s why it is important to find a document sharing platform that is easy-to-use as well as secure.

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Core functions

– Secure File transfer
– Secure Conversations
– Secure File archieve
– Secure immutable activity log
– Global 2FA
– Templates

Online support
10 GB data

Min 5 users


All Core functions +
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
BankID e-ID authentication
Custom branding

20 GB data
Min 10 users

Additional national e-ID support
Document Signing
Online viewing/editing
Desktop filesync


Everything in team edition+
Priority support
Secure online viewing
Secure online editing
Role management
Admin overview
Language support

40 GB data
Min 25 users
Price – Contact us!

Additional national e-ID support
Document Signing
Desktop filesync

Special packages
Frame Agreements

Srf konsulterna
Baker Tilly

Contact us for more
details and pricing

White label

API Connector
AD connector
Customizable GUI
Customizable labels and messages

Contact us for more
details and pricing