Silly Season protected by Hyker and Konfident

Based upon the Hyker philosophy “the only security worth anything is the one that actually gets used”, we set out to develop the easiest but most secure file sharing tool to solve file collaboration inside and between organizations, without a need for IT or security expertise, Konfident. It should be possible to do ad-hoc file sharing in teams with full control over who receives the information, and with the highest grade of security. Just because that you don’t have a huge IT security budget shouldn’t mean that you have to risk exposing sensitive information by using e.g. email, Google Drive or similar less secure alternatives.

LB07 is the second club to sign up for Konfident
LB07 is the second club to sign up
FC Rosengård
FC Rosengård is the first club to sign up for Konfident

As part of our launch, we are sponsoring the Swedish Allsvenskan football league during this Silly Season.

Today there are many information leakage risks during the transfer negotiations, like:

  • Information leaks to competing clubs
  • Information leaks to the press that spread rumors
  • You don’t know where the information leaks
  • Competing clubs “steals” transfers when they know what a competing club has been offering

Konfident provides:

  • Secure file sharing, for instance, contracts and proposals
  • Full control over who can access the documents
  • Competing actors cannot access the information
  • Media has no access to sensitive negotiations
  • Keep upcoming scout reports secret for anyone but their own organization
  • Keeping transfers confidential until they are finalized

Konfident workspace

The Hyker Campaign in short:

  • FREE access to the Konfident application during the first three months
  • A safe workspace for the club to share contracts, offers, negotiation material and reports

If you want access to a workspace for your club during this campaign, please contact Hyker using this form:

The secure workspace that does not keep your keys