LB07 signs up for Konfident – the secure workspace

LB07 has chosen Konfident as their new platform for all internal communication and secure encrypted file storing, like contracts, scout reports, etc. They will also use it to secure filesharing externally with club members and active players. The simplicity of the application in combination with its rigorous security is perfect for this organization, where information is sensitive, both from sports, business and GDPR perspective.

LB07 is a large sports club and we distribute a lot of personal information about both players and staff, all that falls under GDPR. The simplicity of Konfident, with all the necessary security included, makes it a perfect tool for us,” says Vicky Fredriksson, Managing Director LB07.

About LB07

LB07 – IF Limhamn Bunkeflo is today Skåne’s largest football association with just over 1,300 active children and young people. Our players participate in over 350,000 exercise and match hours each year and 200 non-profit leaders spend approximately 70,000 hours a year in the association. The members come from all areas of Malmö.

The secure workspace that does not keep your keys