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Easy and Secure sharing solution of files and documents
for the
modern digital law firm.

Cloud Act

US authorities can now access your customer information without you and your company needing to know it, and in violation of the requirements of the Data Protection Regulation when transferring personal data outside the EU.

The Cloud Act applies to cloud service providers that are governed by US law. This means that subsidiaries of American companies are also covered by the law. It also means that you need to keep track of who the subcontractors are. With Konfident and the end-to-end encryption technology you no longer need to worry about this. Your and your clients data are safe during transits and at rest.

Modern law firm

Many modern law firms are slowed down by their document management software. Their files are saved indiscriminately across multiple systems and hard drives. Also, trying to navigate unintuitive software wastes valuable money and labor hours that could be employed elsewhere.

Today’s firms have to live up to the expectations of a new lawyer: tech-savvy, mobile, and with a new expectation for how information is available, delivered and managed.

More engaging client relationships

Stop sharing sensitive files through email or consumer-grade file sharing apps. Use Konfident to create engaging, client-branded portals where teams can manage the collection of client materials, securely communicate with project stakeholders, track activities. With our world-class end to end encryption technology your data will be safe and secure without worrying about that foreign governments (Cloud Act) and IT-suppliers will be able to read your data.

Example of use cases

Standard contract agreements


Sharing sensitive information


Privileged confidential communication

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