Easier and more secure file sharing with Konfident

We are pleased to be using Konfident for our clients, giving us a safe and secure way of delivering their reports to them, and enabling us to be fully compliant with GDPR at the same time. Keep up the good work!
Michelle Bennett
Founder & Director
Data security is about having control, in where and how data is stored and to whom it is communicated between. It's not uncommon, but often we tend to look the other way, regardless of the risk of breaking laws and regulations. E.g. the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA) or GDPR.
It is often the case that the competence in IT and security is low while the tools are difficult, complex and expensive to use. Simplicity and lack of time often make you choose the most unsuitable options such as E-mail.
Konfident changes this. Based upon advanced security technology from Swedish defense corporation SAAB, Hyker Security has developed a secure workspace for document sharing that simultaneously is very easy to use. A combination that has been successful in Accounting and Payroll companies worldwide. Easy to use for all users, staff as well as clients, and nothing to install. Secure login with two-factor authentication.
Examples of the current application use:
  • Reports
  • Tax reports
  • Annuals
  • Payslips
  • Contracts
  • Comments/chat
All events and history are back-logged, such as who shared a document, who received what, when it happened and the chat history.
We were looking for a safe and secure solution to share documents with sensitive personal data with our customers. It should also be easy to use for both us and them. With the security offered by Hyker / Konfident, clear emails about updated folders and the ease of use, we found what we were looking for.
Anna Haldenius
CEO, Certified Accountant
Unnoticeable security at the highest level of standards
The workspace is based upon Hyker's encryption technology (end-to-end encryption). This means that only the person who created the document and the person entitled to access it will be able to decrypt (read the file). We as a supplier cannot in any way read the information through any sort of backdoor (such as Dropbox and similar services) because we never have access to the encryption keys.
It may sound complicated, but rest assured, users never need to worry about security because our technology takes care of this in the background without compromising user-friendliness.

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