Briteback Secure Message Channels

Briteback is an enterprise messaging app for large and growing organizations. With online calls and power-ups for external email and calendars.

Now with encrypted message channels for dynamic groups.

“We needed to quickly implement secure end-to-end encrypted group messaging to reach the enterprise market”

David Erenger, CTO

About Briteback

Briteback is a messaging app for teams, with email, chat, and video integrated. It allows teams to collect all their communication channels in one place, enabling users to easily manage information without being forced to multi-task between a lot of different apps. Briteback enables companies to gain control over their internal communication.

The key to making messaging work for large and growing organizations is to create a team structure that fits the organization and combine this with role-based administration and team assignment.


The Challenge

The enterprise market is very much focused on security and protecting internal communication, even when the team members are out of office.

Briteback wanted to launch secure end-to-end encrypted messaging channels where teams could have highly confidential discussions. So confidential, that no-one outside the team, including Briteback and the customers IT department, could access the chats.

It also had to maintain historical data stored in encrypted format only accessible by group members, existing as well as newly joined.

This put a lot of requirements on encryption key sharing control and futureproof availability.


The Hyker RIKS Protocol has the perfect mechanisms to achieve this level of security, while still providing convenience to the end users, by hiding all the complications of encryption and key sharing. In the Briteback solution, it is simplified to just clicking a checkbox.

New members can join the secure channel later and access the chat history without the burden on the senders to resend all the messages in the chat. The new member will receive the channel key automatically when joining.

When a member leaves the channel the encryption key is revoked and the member can no longer access the chat and its history.

The solution provides selective retroactive access to encrypted message history.

More information

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